About the founder

Natasha Ferguson

Natasha Ferguson, Founder of GotHired

Over the last 15+ years as an HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager, and Career Coach, Natasha Ferguson has helped thousands of people in every role, industry, and situation imaginable. Natasha is very passionate about helping young and seasoned professionals land jobs and change career paths smarter and faster. Having lived and worked in 9 countries on 5 continents, she understands the demands & challenges of the global and local job markets, cultural differences and how the employers make their hiring decisions.

Natasha's global HR and Recruitment experience has been primarily within the Oil & Gas, Industrial Construction and E&I Engineering sectors, and her educational background encompasses Linguistics, East-Asian Politics, Human Resources and Business Administration. Besides working with career coaching clients at GotHired, Natasha travels around the United States and internationally to present engaging, informative, and inspiring presentations and seminars for audiences large and small. 

You can expect a professional and customized approach to meet your needs, whether it’s to develop your career action strategy plan or resume revamping, achieving a promotion or obtaining your first work experience, turning interviews into job offers or understanding how to optimize social media for job search. We provide a full spectrum of services to assist you in jump-starting and developing a fulfilling and rewarding career. Let's take your game to the next level!

Praise for Natasha

“Natasha is the by far the most professional recruiter I worked with. She didn’t just help me with my resume, gave me a lot of very useful tips and advice, but also helped me with my Linkedin profile and interview preparation. I could 100% lay on her, whenever I had a question - she was there for me answering it in minutes. If you are looking for HR professional who could help you to land your dream job, Natasha is the best person to do just that!”

— Artem Malinin


“Natasha is truly amazing at what she does. She assisted me with every aspect of my job hunt, advised me and provided remarkable insight. I personally pride myself on my ability to interview and resume write, however Natasha helped me to take my profile to the next level. Thank you, Natasha!”

— Lauren Suckarie


“My experience with Natasha was absolutely wonderful!! Being laid off after working 13 years for the same company & thrust into the job search market all of a sudden is....well....for me....extremely scary. Especially the words “resume” and “interview.” How can you possibly fit 13 years of data/experience onto one sheet of paper? I feel so blessed & so fortunate to have been referred to Natasha from one of my former colleagues. All I gotta say is.....meeting with Natasha in person versus filling out templates on line made SUCH a huge difference. That’s what sets Natasha apart from the competition, in addition to the fact that’s she’s flexible, reliable, dependable, and....well....my resume....is just awesome. My dad is a former head-hunter/recruiter for a CPA firm. When I sent him my resume, his response was the following: “I love it. Worth every penny you paid for.” Couldn’t.agree.more.”

— Kelly Aldred


“Natasha was very helpful, you see, I am one of those guys that had not needed a resume in years. I did not know where to start but, thankfully I connected with Natasha. She actually sat down with me face to face and asked me questions about my job history and skills that I would have never thought about, much less put them down on paper in such a manner. My resume is beyond what I ever could have imagined it is professional and to the point, summarizing what I have accomplished over the past 20 years. Trust me, people, she is the real deal!”

— Paul Elliott


“Natasha was genuinely helpful when I was looking into new positions to expand my career. She literally walked with me hand in hand to different companies to support me while I initiated conversations with potential employers to network and to see if they were a good fit for me. I liked Natasha’s approach as she always asked me to do something different to stand out in the crowd and it helped. I enjoyed working with Natasha and learned a lot. She is pleasant, professional and will surely walk that extra mile for you to succeed. ”

— Yulia Yadrishchenskaya


“If you need to take your resume to the next level and stand out in front of millions of resumes companies received then please reach out to Natasha. She is truly amazing at what she does. The turn around time was quick I and received my resume within 72 hours of paying for her services. She is an expert and she will make sure you are successful. I would recommend her every time.”

— Charmyra Garrett


“It’s very rare that you come across a standout professional like Natasha. I had the pleasure of working with Natasha and I was thoroughly impressed by her attention to detail, resourcefulness, and the overall process she implements with her clients. Not only is she a great coach, but a mentor as well and someone who takes pride in the work that she does. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone in need of the services she provides.”

— Patrick Frayer


“Natasha will not find a job for you, she will find it with you, breaking your old stereotypes about the job search and giving you very precious tools, which will lead to a job offer. I was looking for a job for 6 months before I hired her, however, I only received one job interview for not extremely exciting opportunity and I didn’t get the job offer in the end anyway. I hired her and then in 3 weeks of active search, I was given a job offer at the position higher than the one I was targeting originally, taking into account Calgary’s oil crisis. 

Before working with Natasha, I hated job search. I was probably like most of the people on the job market, just find any job as soon as I can and stop wasting your time on online applications as it eats up too much time and extremely boring. Moreover, if I was receiving a call for an interview, I had no idea why they would call me as I didn’t remember applying for this company (I applied, however lack of organizing in a job search can lead to not remembering applications). 

Natasha has changed my perspective on the job search and on my priorities going forward. She made me enjoy the process, she taught me how to stay organized with job search and she is the one that taught never to underestimate networking and face-to-face interactions in the job search. It might be common sense for some people and it really is, however, we still tend to forget and keep sending numerous online applications with no calls in return as our application gets buried in Applicant Tracking System together with thousands of other applications. 

Hire Natasha, if you are sick of job search frustration and longing for fulfilling career. ”

— Evgenia Tumik


“I chose Natasha Ferguson after researching and interviewing several Career Coaches. I felt her approach, methods and industry contacts would benefit my current situation. The first step was to revise my resume to highlight my career accomplishments and then she input all the necessary key words and phrases that will show up in recruiters searches. I also opted for the LinkedIn page revision following the same process as the resume and she even provided advice on the headshot. Finally she sent my information out to her network and I immediately received requests and have been growing my network ever since. All this has led to some new contacts for upcoming projects in my field.

I find Natasha to be a thoughtful and caring professional who possesses an in depth knowledge in her field and the industry. She truly wants you to succeed and land that ONE JOB!”

— Nick Downs


“Ms. Ferguson services was very impactful for revamping my résumé. I was very impressed with her consultation and the end results. I would recommend her services for revamping and her other services that she has to offer. He wealth of knowledge can certainly impact your future of what you may be seeking to achieve.”

— Jeré Rider


“Natasha rocks!! I reviewed her services online and completed a short contact me questionnaire. Within minutes she called me to offer a free initial coaching. After that I decided to utilize her services. We communicated via email and within 3 days I had a revamped resume! She was very thorough, professional, knowledgeable and willing to help in any way! I would definitely recommend her to others.”

— Tori Boyd