Career Coaching By The Hour


Career Coaching By The Hour

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The career coaching session starts with looking at your career and life history, abilities and interests, past, present and desired future. This is the foundation of your development towards your career goals. 

I offer a solution-oriented approach to coaching and it involves working with clients to see what concrete steps they can take to achieve career objectives. You can expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and to receive a detailed action plan.

Once you book your career coaching session(s), you will receive a confirmation email requesting an outline of your issues and a copy of your resume if available. There may be a couple of email exchanges/phone calls before the career coaching session because I like to get a clear picture of the topics going into the coaching meeting, so that we spend our time together discussing the options, not defining the problems.

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STEP 1: Establish the Foundation
The first step in the Seven-Step Process helps you to create a strong personal foundation that allows you to come from a place of clarity and strength as you begin to define your dream job.

STEP 2: Break Through Barriers
This step shows you how to identify personal barriers that have kept you from achieving your dreams. Once we can clearly identify a barrier, you will learn how to formulate methods to overcome or put them in perspective. You will gain clarity about what you want from life by shifting from the work you “should” be doing to what you love to do.

STEP 3: Unleash Your Innate Gifts
In this step, you recall different times in your life when you have been fulfilled. From this perspective, you identify your innate gifts that directly lead to satisfaction at the work place. This step is particularly helpful in defining what you love to do and applying those insights to the creation of your dream job.

STEP 4: Imagine New Possibilities and Ideate
In step four you use your imagination to conjure up images of what is truly possible. You will be amazed at how many dreams manifest themselves once you tap into what is possible.

STEP 5: Define Your Dream
In step five you create your personal dream job. An action-step process helps you determine the activities to which you are most drawn. You will identify your core values, clarify common themes in your life, and weave all of these together to declare your dream job.

STEP 6: Formulate the Strategy
In step six we formulate the strategy and timetable needed to reach your dreams. As we define the plan, you will soon begin turning it into action steps. This helps you become clear on the daily and weekly routine needed to bring your strategy into a dream come true.

STEP 7: Land Your Dream Job
In step seven you declare your commitment to landing your dream job. Then you are guided through a number of activities that will help you to land your dream job.