Job Interview Coaching


Job Interview Coaching


In a competitive job market, you need an advantage. You worked hard to get this interview and this is your chance to show that you are the best candidate. Natasha Ferguson helps clients like you gain that advantage by preparing for job interviews.

Great interviews are a combination of your confidence, strategy, preparation and practice. If you want to develop a winning interview strategy and prepare great answers to interview questions, contact us today for a no-cost initial consultation.

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Learn life-long interview skills so that you are always prepared for casual and formal interviews. Your preparation can include:

  • Conduct interviews with confidence and poise
  • Prepare for job interviews with the right research and practice
  • Handle hard questions and clearly demonstrate your unique value
  • See yourself on video and breakdown areas for improvement
  • Gracefully respond to sensitive personal history questions
  • Learn critical tactics for different interview formats and environments

You receive:

  • 60-minute training session with Natasha
  • Training on methods for handling in-person, group/panel, or phone interviews
  • Techniques for reducing anxiety, increasing confidence, and projecting the "right fit"
  • Training on how to answer behavioral, situational or stress interview questions
  • Best answers to standard questions like: "tell me about yourself", what are your weaknesses?, where do you see yourself in five years?, etc.
  • Mock interview followed by feedback, coaching and practice
  • Written list of the majority of interview questions and correct answers
  • Unlimited email support for one month after session one