Your Personal Recruiter Program

The Hiring Company is the focal point of the traditional recruiting model where hundreds of professionals compete for one job opening. What if You, the Professional, could be the center of attention and have multiple companies compete for your services? Your Personal Recruiter will help make that a reality.

YPR is a service designed for those who want to short-circuit the traditional job search process. If you’ve been on the market for a while, or are too busy to conduct an effective job search, YPR could be for you. We will represent you in the market, much like any recruiting company would. The key difference is that with a traditional recruiter you tend to be limited to the openings within that recruiter’s client base. We, by contrast, are not bound by a specific set of job postings and can put you forward for any role anywhere. So if you feel limited by an indifferent recruiting agency or are not getting enough callbacks/interviews, talk to us about what YPR can do for you.





How We Help

  • Referrals and introductions to hiring managers.

  • Daily representation in your chosen industries and locations.

  • Weekly check-in sessions with your personal recruiter.

  • Ongoing career coaching support in the areas of personal branding, job search strategy, interviewing, and salary negotiation.

  • Career coaching via phone, video and in-person meetings.

  • Engagement duration: 4, 8 and 12-week programs available.

  • This program is designed for experienced individuals, management and executive level professionals.

  • The program is offered in North America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, and East Asia.


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